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Apatit aus Pakistan

Schätze aus den Pegmatiten
From the Hunza River Valley in the Nagar district in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, in the south of the area between the villages Sumayar and Nagar, there is a range of mountains that climax with the Chumar Bakhoor at 5520 meter. The famous pegmatites crop out on the western side of the mountain range in a height at about 4000 meter. After this gemstone deposit was discovered in 1984 by Muhammad Shad, a ‘gemstone rush’ started in the following years and made the Sumayar village a center of mineral trade. The Chumar Bakhoor pegmatites have yielded many extraordinary mineral specimens of aquamarine, pink fluorite and beryl. The mine has also produced the excellent pink apatite crystals on a muscovite matrix offered here.